Beppe Gambetta, guitar, voice

Marco Fadda, percussion

Riccardo Barbera, upright bass

The concert is an intriguing journey through the multifaceted artistic world of Beppe Gambetta, a synthesis of the itineraries of his life, spent between his birth-place Genova, Europe and the United States where he currently resides. Beppe is a renowned guitarist but also a singer, composer, researcher who loves to tell stories about his journeys with a peculiar sense of humor and irony. Beppe shows in his performances a new and unique approach to the acoustic guitar, a style that he developed in a career of forty years of traveling, meeting with masters of many cultures, researching old forgotten traditions, performing for audiences of different Continents.

Starting from the early studies of his American mentor Doc Watson, Beppe brought his flatpicking approach to a more modern development of plectrum guitar style, based on complex strumming, crosspicking and the use of open tunings. The program will focus on new original compositions inspired from the traditions as well as revival pieces from his main projects of research about European and American music.

Part of the concert will be dedicated to songs and ballads in different languages spiced up with new acoustic guitar arrangements. Beppe will also tell about the great inspirations he got from the encounters with folk icon Pete Seeger or the legendary Italian songwriter Fabrizio De Andre’, the traveling and studies in mysterious places like the wild areas of Sardinia Island, the musical contribution of European emigrants to the American cultural Melting Pot, the joy of keeping on writing in modern times new dance melodies or romantic serenades.