Beppe Gambetta
Slade Stomp
(Gadfly Records,

The CD "Slade Stomp" is dedicated to all the "picking masters" who influenced Beppe's style. It is the first CD that features Beppe alone with all his guitars in
a variety of combinations from solos to duos and quartets, until the "giant orchestra" produced with 119 overdubbings of guitars, harp-guitars and slide guitars. Two bonus live tracks feature David Grisman and Gene Parsons.


Hunterdon Bolero (Beppe Gambetta)
Ave Maria (traditional, arr. Beppe Gambetta)
I'm Worried Now/Texas Gales/Doc's Guitar (trad./trad./Doc Watson)
Slade Stomp (Beppe Gambetta)
Suite di Polke e Quadriglie (trad., arr. Beppe Gambetta)
Hard Travelin' (Woody Guthrie, arr. Beppe Gambetta)
Gentleman Charlie (Beppe Gambetta)
Dixie Breakdown (Don Reno, arr. Beppe Gambetta)
1000 Flatpickers at the Court of King Norman (Beppe Gambetta)
Hills of Tara (Beppe Gambetta)
Painting the Clouds with Sunshine (Joe Burke, Al Dubin)
Why You Been Gone So Long (Mickey Newbury, arr. Gambetta, Parsons)

Featuring: David Grisman, Gene Parsons

The CD is released in North America by Gadfly Records ( and it is distributed in Europe by IRD (