Beppe Gambetta
Good News From Home
(Green Linnet)

Beppe Gambetta has returned home to his birthplace, this ancient seaport of the spice trade, lair of smugglers, seafarers, poets, adventurers and wanderers of the Mediterranean coasts of Southern Europa and northern Africa, Arabia and beyond. He has returned with the rhythms and melodies of his travels to far and distant lands; Celtic, Eastern European, American Folk and bluegrass music join nearly forgotten turn-of-the-century Italian serenades and mazurkas. Like the fine ingredients his sensitive fingers pick in the marketplace for his pesto, Beppe’s music resonates with savour and flavor, the magical blend, the ultimate taste.


Good News From Home (Beppe Gambetta)
Margaritin (traditional, arr. Beppe Gambetta)
Kiwi (Beppe Gambetta)
Moravian Journey (traditional)
East Virginia Blues (A. P. Carter, arr. Beppe Gambetta)
Beyond the Breeze (Beppe Gambetta)
Creuza de Ma (F. De Andre', M. Pagani)
Duet for One (trad., arr. Beppe Gambetta)
Slow Creek (Beppe Gambetta)
Little Message (Beppe Gambetta)
Nino e Pasquale (anon, P. Taraffo)

Featuring: Todd Phillips, Mike Marshall, Riccardo Tesi, Grey Larsen, Gene Parsons, Carlo Aonzo)

The CD is out of print.