Genova - Teatro della Corte
Martedì 15 Aprile 2003, ore 20:30
Mercoledì 16 Aprile 2003, ore 20:30

Men of Steel


Photo: Stefano Goldberg

"They were four virtuosos on a magic acoustic night; and what could be more exciting than an astonishing performance by four holy monsters of the six-string guitar?  The excitement Tuesday night was contagious and impossible to resist. And yet, if the audience expected waterfalls of notes and stratospheric technique, there was that and much more, because the formidable Men of Steel put the emphasis on the music of the guitar, not the machismo of the player. Tuesday night it was both great talent and also a cohesion and projection that is rare to find in all-star guitar evenings. Congratulations are due to these guitar giants as they brought a cosmopolitan sensibility and power to the interpretation of many different kinds of music. Don Ross of Quebec, Canada, Tony Mc Manus of Scotland, Dan Crary of the USA and local hero Beppe Gambetta of Genova, Italy (who organized this concert) blended these diverse traditions harmoniously and powerfully, both in instrumentals and also vocals. In the ensemble duets and even when all played together, technique was in service of the music. Tony McManus transformed his guitar into the highland pipes, Don Ross paid homage to Michael Hedges and astonished with his fabulous technique, Beppe Gambetta spanned the world with music ranging from the “Church St. Blues” to the Ligurian “A Cimma” and Dan Crary’s charisma was of the real thing, the essence of American traditional music (Il Secolo XIX, April 19, 2003).