"Italian guitarist, Beppe Gambetta is considered by many musicians in the world as one of, if not the best, acoustic guitarists. His talent, his taste, and his execution are superb. In this latest release (The American Album), Gambetta returns to the bluegrass field with a very nice selection of familiars and originals...This is a wonderful project of clean guitar interpretations that both musicians and non-pickers should enjoy" (BF, Bluegrass Unlimited).


"Although he is a self-described acolyte of guitar legends such as Tony Rice and Doc Watson - he ended with a blistering tribute to the recently deceased flatpicker - Gambetta's talent has earned him a place in their figurative company. He is undeniably a guitar guy, but more importantly, the audience left knowing that he's a people person, too." (Casey Phillips, Times Free Press)


“Beppe Gambetta is an Artist. He inhabits a vantage point and possesses a world view that sets him apart from the crowded phalanx of merely great pickers. But just as importantly, he has the skills with a flatpick to articulate and bring to us the thoughts and feelings of his soul” (Kevin Stevenson, Flatpicking Guitar Magazine).


“This was such exciting, varied, satisfying and just downright musical music that I wanted more, particularly of Gambetta in florid Italianate style...”

(Brian Miller, BBC RADIO Scotland)


“Get him on a stage and his fingers speak a language all their own. After all, he’s not known as the ‘Italian King of the flatpick guitar’ for nothing.”

(Steve Wildsmith, The Daily Times)


“A Spanish odissey, a mazurka learned from a 78rpm record, slips into this repertoire, just as tunes like these have been slipping into American culture since.”

(Rob Adams, The Herald)


“His incredible versatility combined with his charm and engaging stage presence make Beppe’s concerts evenings of high quality music and relaxed entertainment. Over-riding all else, however, is the brilliance of his talent...”

(Cornish Guardian)


“…spinning a thick weave that sometimes calls to mind what a duet by Doc Watson and Leo Kottke might sound like.” (Mike Joyce, The Washington Post)


“…Beppe displays his remarkable versatility with the flatpick guitar style, displaying the new directions he has taken in the art of playing the acoustic steel stringed guitar with pick in hand.” (Dan Miller, Flatpicking Guitar Magazine)


“Few players on the planet could so successfully fuse an unwavering allegiance to tradition with impatient, wide-eyed vision, tongue-in-cheek humor with solemn devotion, and folksy song styles with progressive improvisation as Gambetta…” (John D’Agostino, Wood & Steel)


"...Though he's shown over the years that he can keep pace with the Tony Rices and Dan Crarys of the world, , it is Gambetta's understated elegance as a flatpicker that has set him apart and made him an in-demand partner the world over, and he's as elegant as ever on Rendez-vous." (Sing Out!)